Cream Satin / 30mm / REGULAR - Up to 66mm after folding (+9mm each end folded under)Cream Satin / 30mm / LONG - Between 67-102mm after folding (+9mm each end folded under)
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Semi-permanent printed satin endfold clothing labels.

    These custom printed satin labels for clothing can be sewn to your garments as brand labels or brand and size labels. 

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    Total Price: $ 0.00 NZD.  GST included.

    What is an endfold label?

    This product is set up so when you purchase it we understand the layout you need. Basically the label is going to run horizontally, the cut ends on the left and right and the height of the label is the material width (the continuous roll of material comes in various widths).

    The type of label indicates the end use and dictates the layout/seam allowance/turnback allowance etc. The budget option is to take these supplied on a roll/uncut. We also offer finishing where the ends can be cut and sealed, or cut and folded.

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