Current turnaround

Dear customers,


Order turnaround is 2-10 working days for sampling and 1-2 days for dispatch after payment. Some orders go through quicker if there are other orders placed earlier with the same label width/colour as the labels are batch sampled and some days no black satin or narrow white satin labels are sample for example.

Colour labels are sampled between orders, this can be every second day if jobs are being processed over two days.  Turnaround for these once sample is approved can be 3-7 days depending on order volumes at the time.

Repeat orders should be placed through the repeat order products, as these are processed more quickly than new orders which can await sampling.

If you have messaged or emailed us and are waiting for a reply, wait a day or two before emailing again, there are always a lot of orders to get out the door and these are top priority. The quickest way to get an order processed is to put it through the online store.


Shelley & David