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Regular price from $0.80 NZD  each  (for 20 labels)
 Minimum 20pcs of this product. Bulk discount applies.
Add other labels to make up the cart total requirement of 50 labels per order.
Tax included.

Repeat orders - exact reprints or reprints with minor edits


1.  The first box tells the system to charge out each label separately if you are re-ordering multiple products at once. Leave this as 1 for the first repeat order, and if you make another order in the same transaction, please change this for the subsequent orders. If you don't change this for separate orders you may receive an invoice for the balance before your order is processed.

2.  Choose your label type
3.  Choose the length
4.  Type your product reorder code if you know it. Our codes look like this: 

5.  Select if you want to split your print run.*For example: you may want to buy 100 labels, and get 25 each printed with 4 different garment sizes - FILL IN AS BELOW: 

6.  Add any notes you wish to add.
7.  Enter total quantity of this label (For example above with 4 lots of 25, you type 100 in the final quantity box)
Have another to add? Simply add this one to cart, then come back to the product page and fill it in again with the details for the next lot. Remember to change the REPEAT ORDER counter to 1 for the second one if you do return to add another reprint in the same order.

Alternatively you could also ask us for an invoice for your repeat order, but your order will be processed quicker if you order online. You can pay right now and this speeds up the process.

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